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16:28 | May 12, 2020

Nelly kavaj HÄR


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  • Okej, HEJ vad snazzy!

  • Just lovely babe! <3 hug and kiss

  • postpartum girdle Okay. So I just had my baby 4 days ago, and I decided to put the whole contraption in because… well why not.
    I am currently 5’6”, with super wide hips (I’m 22, even though that doesn’t really matter) and this was my second son. I birthed naturally, with an incredibly easy delivery.
    I won’t lie. I had never felt so disgusting after I had my baby. I didn’t have this for my first baby, so this is all kind of new to me.
    So, I weigh 183 right now. My belly went down quite a bit, but I’m still on the wide and chubbier side. The “one size” is fine, but it’s super hard to get on if you’re not super talented with pulling and pinning.
    I put on the belly band (latch in front, which I didn’t realize at first was what you were supposed to do, stupid me had it on backwards). Then the belly/waste. And then the pelvic belt.
    After putting it on and walking around for a few minutes, then taking it off to readjust myself, the feeling was incredible. You feel so tight and out back together when you have the harnesses on. And as soon as you take it off, you can feel the weight of your belly and how it kind of just lays there. You WILL see this under clothes, there’s no way around postpartum girdle. But for the first few weeks after child birth, you’re better off getting this then a belly cincher (which is what I originally planned on buying).
    I put this on over a tank top with a built in bra. It itched, pinched and rubbed all the wrong ways on the skin.

    SO. For the chubbier of the new moms (nothing more frustrating then seeing only super skinny woman wearing these)— I’d say it’s worth the money. And it’s worth The struggle to get on postpartum girdle. And the uncomfortable feeling of being normal is an added bonus